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October 30, 2011
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Rainbow Factory Alternate Ending

By: Josie

(Note:Read the fanfic before you read this,as I'm picking things up where Auroradawn left off.I do not claim to own the original story or song,I just wanted to make an alternate ending.)

  "You have beautiful eyes." Scootaloo said,as she braced herself for pain.None came.
"Well thank you!" Rainbow Dash uttered the words before she could think.What am I doing?I have to kill her!Then a horrible thought hit Dashie:Maybe I don't...maybe there's something worse than death. She smiled insanely at Scootaloo,who was now looking at her in a rather puzzled way. "Scootaloo,I've changed my mind.You get to be my coworker." the suit ponies surrounding them looked at one another.
"But...I thought you wanted to kill me." Scootaloo didn't know what else to say.There was a small spark of hope inside her that Rainbow Dash had snapped out of it. "
I changed my mind.You get to work whenever I'm in Ponyville.You know,just to cover things while I'm away." She smiled in a sickly sweet manner. Scootaloo suddenly realized that she would much rather die then be responsible for the deaths of countless other ponies. She started to shake her head and back away.
  "No,no I won't...I'd rather you kill me..." two suits stopped her from going any more backwards.
"See,that's just the thing, Scoots.I've noticed that you feel more pain when others die because of you then you would feel if you die.I could put you through any amount of torture,but you'd have death to look forward to.Watching 'innocents' die at your own hooves...well that's what's going to break you." Dashie smiled again,as one of her crazed eyes twitched.Scootaloo realized with horror that  her old friend just wanted her to suffer. She didn't care for Scootaloo anymore.
"I can't do it!Rainbow Dash,please!Kill me however you want,just don't put me in charge!" She started to cry,remembering Orion's death.Aurora's death.All the other ponies who she never knew but also died in that horrible way.Rainbow Dash just smirked with contempt."
Come with me for your uniform." she spat.Scootaloo had no choice but to follow.Dash suited her up and led her to the machine,where the survivors had been piled on the floor once again."Now watch me." she snarled,as she flipped a few switches.The device began to whirl as a young blue filly with a white mane was picked up by the horrible chains.Scootaloo could not bring herself to look as the screams escaped the poor girl.Instead she stared at the various controls."This is the kill button," Rainbow Dash gestured to a small red button."If something goes wrong,like the chains fall into the machine as well for example,you press this.It shuts down the entire thing.But ONLY in dire emergencies.Got that?" Scootaloo nodded.
   "Now.I need to go talk to Dr. Atmosphere about this.You,of course,will not be permitted to leave.We have broken the wings and legs of all survivors,so if you make any valiant attempts it's not like they'll be going anywhere.Plus,we have the guards in here.They're hidden right now,but anyone makes a move and they'll come out." Dash flew towards the exit,and opened the doors."ATMOSPHERE!WE HAVE A CHANGE IN PLANS!" the doors slammed behind her as she disappeared into the crowd of suits.Scootaloo began to cry.
"I'm so sorry,you guys...this was all my fault..."she said,but quietly.Her eyes met a ginger foal who's legs were all in a tangle.He looked back at her sympathetically.
   "This is so much bigger than us all.There was no way we could have overthrown it." he replied.A chorus of agreements came from the others.No guards appeared.
"I'm not killing any of you.Not now,not ever.I'll find a way.I promise." she fought back tears.
"But it'll just get you in trouble." the foal said.Still no guards came.
"So be it," she replied.She flew down to them,fighting the pain in her wings.She was still trying to recover from her fall.Still no guards.She nudged the little foal with her muzzle."Don't give up hope.I want you all to hide as well as possible.Those who can move will help the others.I don't think that there are any guards in here." Two fillies and one foal stood up.
"We can walk.They missed us.We pretended that our legs were already broken." one piped up.
"Okay.We don't have much time!Each of us must take one pony,hide them,and go back for another.Once you're done,hide yourselves and I'll escape.Then,you just wait and hope.Okay?"All nodded.She took the ginger and propped him up on her shoulders.
"Thank you so much," he  whispered.
"Don't you worry,I will make sure help is on the way." she hid him in the corner of the room behind a huge pipe.No guards.Dash had been lying."We have more room over here!" she whinnied.The other three set their foals gently down next to the ginger."Now stay quiet."she whispered gently.They headed back to the other foals.There were only four left. Many of the already-small crowd had been killed.They finished hiding the ones who couldn't move,and then the other three hid themselves.
"Godspeed,Scootaloo.May your wings carry you away from here." the last filly said,before slipping into the darkness of her corner.Scootaloo blinked back tears and dashed out the exit.

   Rainbow Dash woke up in a white room,strapped to a table.A professional-looking pony sat on a couch next to the bed.She snarled at him.
"I see you have come to." he said.Dash growled at him.
"Who are you?What do you want?" she snapped.
"Calm down,Rainbow Dash.We all know what you've been through.We're here to help."
"We?" Dash looked around,and noticed Scootaloo and her friends-Pinkie Pie,Rarity,Applejack,Twilght Sparkle,and Fluttershy-were gathered around the bed.They all smiled gently.Rainbow Dash hesitated,then smiled back.

   Two months later,all the foals and fillies,who had stayed safely hidden until the *good* pegasi found them,were on the mend.Rainbow Dash had made some progress towards sanity,and Scootaloo was recovering from her traumatic experience.She had flown promptly to Ponyville,and with the help of Fluttershy (and Twilight Sparkle's cloud-wallking ability spells for the others) they enlisted the help of the less prejudiced Cloudsdale members.The Princesses  Luna and Celestia had been horrified to find the truth.They set laws that were strongly against any operation that could have come close to the sinister truth.They had not known anything about the sinister operation,as it had turned out.The last updates they had had was that the magic and artificial Spectra had worked.After freeing the oppressed and re-locating the suits and guards, everything was better.Spectra was now being made from the brilliant blooms of marigolds,roses,irises,and other flowers,grown in some newly-built greenhouses.The dark clouds were demolished.A new engineer modified the old death machine,so that it was built to smash plants.Not ponies.But as much as everything had improved,no survivor was ever going to forget the Rainbow Factory.
Here's an alternate ending.I read the story and I wanted to lighten things up.I do not own the original or the song,or My Little Pony!The only thing I take credit for is writing this.
Still gotta read the original?Here's a link to it on googledocs:
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Speedyblupi Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2014  New member
Yeeah. This is badly written and makes no sense.
DARKAMY1 Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2014
Hey their my friend, how's my request coming on?
yay4warriorcats Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Rather, I will maybe read the story again and definitely start crafting.Soon.Now.Hang in there!
yay4warriorcats Featured By Owner Apr 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I haven't even worked on it yet *facepalm* I will go read the story now though, and I'll stew over it for a couple of hours/days/weeks and get writing!
DARKAMY1 Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014
ALL RIGHT MY FRIEND, what a ending!!! a give you 5 starsFavorites Icon 3D Favorites Icon 3D Favorites Icon 3D Favorites Icon 3D Favorites Icon 3D 

I would like to make a request.

I would like you to write me a sequel to the original fic in which rainbow dash friends finds out the truth about the rainbow factory and dashies vile acts and are so shocked and enraged by it that they gather a crowd of the victims families and ponies all around equestria to march on and destroy the rainbow factory and take revenge on rainbow dash and the workers for their crimes.

All that as a gift for my sweet 16 birthday.

So PRETTY pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase with a plate of tasty treats on top.

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yay4warriorcats Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, thanks! And sorry Im replying so late!
I'm a little busy right now, but when I can I'll do that and I'll let you know :)
DARKAMY1 Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014
REALLY, you'll do it!!!
yay4warriorcats Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
How could I pass up on a great idea like that?lol of course I will!
deadspacee Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2013

lol jk it was a good read. cuz i just read cupcakes and the gory RB original....i needed some happy thing to happen.
yay4warriorcats Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Lol I'm sorry it wasn't even happier.Ugh...cupcakes *shudders* I couldn't look at Pinkie the same again for a week straight.
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